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lifestyle- hotel in the maldives

Ahiva Village is a comfortable lifestyle hotel
where you will discover the Maldives from a new angle.
It is located on Fulhadhoo island, which has absorbed all the delights of the Maldives - from clean wild beaches and authentic culture of the local population to vivid impressions of many island activities

About Ahiva Village

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Why Ahiva Village?


Guests of the hotel have the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions and culture of the inhabitants of the local island of Fulhadhoo


Despite a plenty of amenities that Ahiva Village offers to their guest, the room rates are quite affordable — a guest house starts from $100 per person.


You can spend time in different ways — from a relaxed pastime, enjoying the snow-white beaches to various types of marine and island activities
What does it look like?

Accommodation options

Ahiva Village has 12 rooms, each of 23 sq.m. with single or double occupancy. 10 rooms with a queen size bed and 2 rooms with two Single size beds.

Room with separate beds
from 100$+tax

Room with Queen-size bed
from 100$+tax

Amazing island
in the Indian Ocean

Ahiva Village is located on the island of Fulhadhoo in Baa Atoll, surrounded by picturesque coral reefs and lagoons with turquoise water

and diverse

A quiet island of natural beauty with lush tropical vegetation is located 100 km from Male on the territory of a crystal-clear biosphere park
Maldives is famous for its dance and music traditions, and will always be happy to introduce the island's guests to it

Friendly locals

A place that is fascinating and unforgettable

The island of Fulhadhoo, surrounded by snow-white sandy beaches, alleys of swaying palm trees and turquoise-blue water is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Fulhadhoo Beach is included in the TOP 50 beaches of the world according to Forbes

TOP 50 best beaches in the world

Fulhadhoo is surrounded by its own coral reef, as it is commonly called "home", and a lagoon with turquoise water

Home Coral Reef

The island is part of the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

UNESCO Heritage

Activities & excursions

The idea of such a format of recreation was born out of a desire to offer our guests something more than just a measured quiet holiday on the beach.
Lifestyle hotel Ahiva Village unites people with common ideas, interests, philosophy and views on life, gives you a sense of the island's life rhythm, provides comfortable accommodation and the opportunity to enjoy the activities offered, recharge yourself with unforgettable emotions.

And of course, we really wanted to make this pleasure available to as many people as possible — that's how Ahiva Village appeared.


The idea of the Surprisingly Affordable Vacation on
a paradise island

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Location and contacts

Exact location 4.88496128, 72.935933
8 days
Ahiva's tour 1
What’s included?
Length: 8 days
Price: from 1170$ for 2 persons
Why our tour is so attractive?
We offer affordable prices, so people who have been dreaming about Maldives for a long time can fulfill their dreams and enjoy being in paradise with us
Rich program reveals the island from different sides. Our author tours are different. Therefore, everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves or assemble it individually
The tour is designed in such a way as to give you the opportunity to stay in the bosom of tropical nature, get unforgettable emotions from sea activities and get acquainted with the unusual island culture
The overall picture of the Maldives
Plan the fun
2 activities
10 days
Ahiva's tour 2
charms and diversity of the Maldives
What’s included?
Length: 10 days
Price: from 1730$ for 2 persons
Why our tour is so attractive?
Due to the fact that the tour is affordable, people who have long dreamed of being here have such an opportunity
Thanks to a varied program, our guests have the opportunity to experience different types of recreation in the Maldives
Our author tours are different. Therefore, everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves or assemble it individually
A complete picture of the delights of the Maldives
Plan a fun
2 activities
2 activities
Ahiva's tour 3
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maldives
What’s included?
Length: 12 days
Start of sales— January 2024
Accommodation island-resort "Coco Palm"
8 days
5 days
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
Why our tour is so attractive?
Due to the fact that the tour includes holidays in resorts of various types, our guests will have a complete understanding of all the delights of the Maldives
Recreation in 2 formats
A complete picture of the luxury of the Maldives
Our author tours are different. Therefore, everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves or assemble it individually
Maldives, a scattering of tropical green islands in the middle of the turquoise expanse of the ocean. They attract connoisseurs of luxury beach holidays and marine activities
Plan the fun
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
This tour is not implemented at the moment, it will be available
in the future, but you can pre-order it now!
discover the underwater world of the maldives
Duration: 2 hours
Even the most inexperienced tourists will easily get used to the mask, snorkel and fins. You will experience great pleasure from the underwater kingdom of the Maldives. Nothing is needed for this: it is enough to dive into the ocean to meet exotic sea life.
The price is for  2 persons.
For children up to 12  free of charge, for from children aged 12 an additional charge of 20 $

from the shore — 0$
from the boat— 75$
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from 100$ / day
Breakfast is included in the price.
The price is per day for 2 persons. Free for a child under 12 years old.
SPA Treatments
discover the world of the maldives

Duration: 1 hour
The Maldives is a place of complete relaxation. Where better can one enjoy beauty treatments or a massage and completely relax than on the paradise islands? With the ideal complement of natural cosmetics, which nature itself gives, created from coffee beans, coconut milk, sweet mint
The price is for 1 person

30 min — 55$
60 min — 75$
Fishing Jigging